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On this page you can add some infor­ma­tion on how to play as a con­ten­der in the pool. The plu­gin sup­ports seve­ral short­co­des that you can put in this text. See the help page in the admin for more infor­ma­tion about the shortcodes.

The text below is an exam­ple for such a page.


Sub­scrip­tion for the pool is easy. All you have to do is think of a login name and a valid email address. If you lost your pas­sword, you can gene­ra­te a new one. Or ask the webmaster.

Predicting the matches

Pre­dict the end sco­re of all the mat­ches in the tournament/competition. You have until 15 minu­tes befo­re the start of a match to add or chan­ge your prediction.
The ser­ver time is used. No discus­sion about that, so be on time if you want to fill in your scores.

As you may have noti­ced the mat­ches in the next sta­ges are not yet fil­led at the begin­ning of the tour­na­ment. Once the teams are throu­gh to the next round, I will add them. The­se games can also be chan­ged until 15 minu­tes befo­re the game starts. Or, if you’­re fee­ling luc­ky, you can pre­dict them now.

The bonus questions

You can earn extra poin­ts during the tour­na­ment with the bonus que­stions. The­se que­stions must be answe­red befo­re a given date and time. Each que­stions sho­ws the poin­ts you can earn.

The scoring

In the group pha­se the sco­res at the end of the game are used for the cal­cu­la­tion of the sco­res. For final rounds the sco­re at the end of the game inclu­ding extra time is used. Goals in a penal­ty shoot-out are not taken into consideration.

You get poin­ts for pre­dic­ting the cor­rect win­ner of the match or pre­dic­tion of a draw. We call this the toto sco­re. In case you also pre­dict the exact amount of goals sco­red, you get extra poin­ts. We call this the full sco­re. If you got the goals cor­rect you get the extra goal bonus, even if you did­n’t get the match result cor­rect (e.g. match ends in 1–1 and you pre­dic­ted 0–1 you will still get [fp-goal­poin­ts] poin­ts). The last sco­ring options is the goal dif­fe­ren­ce bonus: if you pre­dict the cor­rect win­ner, not the exact sco­re, but you pre­dic­ted the cor­rect dif­fe­ren­ce in goals, you get the goal dif­fe­ren­ce bonus (e.g. you pre­dic­ted 3–1 or 4–2 and result is 2–0).

toto sco­re [fp-toto­poin­ts]
full sco­re [fp-full­poin­ts]
goal bonus [fp-goal­poin­ts]
goal dif­fe­ren­ce bonus [fp-dif­f­poin­ts]
bonus que­stion may be dif­fe­rent for eve­ry question

If you want to view the ran­king, then go to the ran­king page and pick the cor­rect lea­gue. If you’­re log­ged in, then the lea­gue for which you sub­scri­bed, is auto­ma­ti­cal­ly picked.

The golden ball

Each player has one gol­den ball. If you pla­ce this ball next to a match the sco­re for that match is mul­ti­plied by [fp-joker­mul­ti­plier]. You may pla­ce the gol­den ball next to eve­ry match and you can chan­ge your mind and move the gol­den ball, as long this match is still chan­gea­ble. The gol­den ball is acti­va­ted after the pre­dic­tion for the match is loc­ked. Once acti­va­ted the gol­den ball can­not be moved anymore.

Same ranking?

When mul­ti­ple players have the exact same amount of poin­ts, then the fol­lo­wing sor­ting rules are applied on the ran­king (most impor­tant one at the top):

  1. amount of full scores;
  2. amount of toto scores;
  3. amount of cor­rect bonus questions.
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